• CURRENT Speakers

  • NFC & Proximity – Merchant Services Payments Conference (4th June, 2014)

    • NFC & Mobile Merchant Payments Today
    • 2014 – Year of NFC?
    • Wallet-Wars (NFC vs. Cloud Wallets Debate)
    • Creating a complete universal mobile wallet app
    • mPOS as a trigger to NFC Credit Card Payments mass adoption
    • Accelerating checkout/ mPOS experience for customer
    • Embedded Secure Element vs Sim based SE
    • SWP enabled UICCs (Universal Integrated Circuit Card)
    • HCE (Host Card Emulation) a real game changer?
    • Standards update from EMVCo & GlobalPlatform, NFC Forum
    • Disruptive vs. Complementary technologies
    • Steps to drive NFC & Mobile Merchant Payments Adoption
    • Solving the awareness issue.
    • Reaching regional Interoperability
    • Collaborating for success – innovative JVs
    • Successful business models – recent case studies
    • Credit Card Payments vs. Non payments debate.
    • NFC VS Sound based mobile merchant payments
    • Biometric Merchant Account Payments more successful in emerging markets – South Africa
    • Adding biometrics as security layer to mobile merchant payments
    • Bluetooth low energy vs. NFC.
    • Harnessing Big Data gold mine

    NFCP Transport Conference (5th June, 2014)

    • Rise of Mobile Ticketing – replacing cash, paper and cards
    • What’s been already achieved till date?
    • Growing interest in NFC and alternate Proximity Ticketing Methods
    • Analyzing Cost vs. Benefits of Proximity Ticketing
    • Recent implementations & managing Transition challenges
    • Looking beyond Ticketing – Innovative uses of NFC & RFID in Transport (case study)
    • Integrating RFID tags for Facility management in Transport
    • Harnessing NFC/ Proximity in Aviation (near future possibilities)
    • mBoarding/NFC check-ins at Airports – case studies – Japan, Sweden, Amsterdam
    • M2M – Connected smart cars to connected cities ?
    • NFC & Mobile Access
    • How Transport Operators monetize from NFC?
    • Integrating Ticketing with Advertising offers to commuters)
    • Cost of revamping the existing infrastructure
    • Triggers for mass adoption and creating awareness

    NFCP Retail Conference (5th June, 2014)

    • Multichannel Retail & Mobile customer engagement
    • NFC /Contactless mPOS
    • mPOS fraud prevention & security measures
    • Customer engaging Mobile Wallets Apps
    • Proximity Services – What is the business case for Retailers
    • Mobile Proximity marketing – QR, Barcodes, NFC/ RFID/ BLE
    • NFC Electronic Shelves and Smart Posters.
    • What do we achieve with mCoupons – Customer loyalty?
    • Click & collect/deliver Service – easy shopping for routine needs
    • Why geo-targeted mobile advertising? Pros & cons
    • Alternative in-store merchant account payments, avoiding long queues
    • Track and Trace – using RFID tags
    • Strategies to Enhance Brand Loyalty
    • Enabling Supply chain management
    • Information access & Customer convenience at store


    A Showcase on the Worlds leading and most Innovative Technology Providers on NFC and Mobile Merchant Payments companies. Check out best mWallets, Merchant Account Payment Processors, RFID Cards/ Contactless Cards, NFC SIM based Solutions much more…

    Also get glimpse of future wireless and NFC Devices, Mobile Handsets, BioMetric Payments and more…

    • NFCP Agenda

      NFCP Agenda
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
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      Sponsorship Brochure
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
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