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Conference Day two

09:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Latest Standards Update

9:10 SEPA Update by EPC
‘Roadmap to SEPA’
* Expectations European public authorities
* EPC deliverables for SEPA
* Deliverables for the mobile channel
* Cooperation model with GSMA and other stakeholders
* Conclusions
Gerard Hartsink, Chairman European Payments Council / Senior Advisor to the ABN AMRO
9:40 ETSI Standardisation Update
• ETSI & Mobile NFC: where do we stand?
• Enabling Mobile NFC applications in a complex ecosystem thanks to ETSI enablers
Latest news on current standardization work & interoperability
Get a complete update on the latest standards and steps that to be followed to get certification.
Xavier Piednoir,Technical Officer European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
10:10 EMVCo Standards Update
• Latest deployment figures
• Technical roadmaps to date
• Mobile payments
• EMVCo’s work with PCI
• Interoperability in the marketplace
Christian Delporte Chairman EMVCo Board
10:40 Regulatory Think-tank & Working Group
Interactive discussion on the impact of NFC and mobile payment transactions on today’s standards, and the need for additional / less restrictive measures to promote secured mass NFC Mobile Payments adoption.

Gerard Hartsink, Chairman, European Payments Council
Xavier Piednoir Technical Officer – ETSI

11:10 Coffee Break


11:25 Chair’s Opening Remarks
Samee Zafar, Senior Consultant – Edgar, Dunn & Company
11:30 Scope of NFC in Retail
• NFC Retail defined
• ‘What’s in it for me?’ Value Preposition for Retailers
• Why Now? Are we ready?
• Which will be the Key regions?
• NFC Mobile Devices as service & hospitality tool

Neil Garner, CEO, Proxama

11:50 How does the Retail Industry Benefit from NFC Revolution?
• A look into direct and indirect benefits of deploying Mobile POS systems
• Considering Improved Customer Interface and convenience
• Source of promotion and additional revenue

Samee Zafar, Senior Consultant – Edgar, Dunn & Company (Moderator)
Robert Brown, EPOS Systems Manager , Clinton Cards UK
Claire Maslen, Senior Market Development Manager O2 UK

12:20 How does the Retail Industry Benefit from NFC Revolution?
• Multi channel sales – near store, in store
• Closing the transaction loop
• Campaign effectiveness

Claire Maslen, Senior Market Development Manager O2 Telefonica UK

12:50 The NFC Wallet beyond payment.
Contactless Mobile Shopping experience. (technology for better customer interface & convenience )
• The concept of an multi-usage dynamic NFC enabled wallet
• NFC Technology to enable new customer experience
• Adding customer value in retail by loyalty and couponing functionality
• Key findings from project and best practice


13:20 Chair’s Closing Remarks
Samee Zafar, Senior Consultant – Edgar, Dunn & Company
13:30 Networking Lunch Break


11:30 Where are we today?
• Smart card Ticketing System
• Successful new fare collection deployments from around the world
• mTicketing Why Now? Are we ready?
• Support needed from the Regulators
• From Smart card ticking to mTicketing.
Nigel Eggleton, Director of Sales and Marketing Veolia Transdev
Lindsay Robertson, Director ITSO
11:50 Building the business case for mTicketing?
• Value Preposition for Transport Operators
• mTicketing as cost saving tool or as a source of driving more Revenue?
• NFC for customer service and enhance passenger experience.
• Transitional steps required to implement mTicketing programmes
Ergi Sener, Product Manager, Turkcell Turkey
Alfonso Mariconda, VP Innovation,Telecom Italia
Mick Davies Chairman , LASSeO
Dr. Christoph Kößler Business Marketing Public Sector, A1 Telekom Austria AG
Alicia Calvo, Innovation Director Orange Spain
12:10 Mobile Ticketing applications in Transportation
• IETT’ background with e-ticketing and Current NFC projects
• Current opportunities – Mobile phones for better fare collection
• Usage areas of NFC in transportation (NFC beyond mPayments)
• Modern Ticketing System to replace old fare collection in Turkey
Dr. Hayri Baraçli General Manager EITT Transport Operator from Turkey
12:30 Creating a roadmap for Commercial mticketing deployment
• What are the fundamental drivers for NFC deployment in transport?
• How much Investment is needed from various stakeholders
• Creating a robust Technology Infrastructure
• Selecting the right partners and splitting revenues
• Transitional steps required implementing mticketing programmes
• DO’s and Don’ts for implementation
Transport for London tbc
12:50 Government’s take on promoting the NFC Ticketing System
• Why we are interested in NFC for ticketing?
• NFC industry should be interested in transport ticketing
• The big opportunities – short and medium term
• Preparing for success – What are the key prerequisites to turn this into reality?
Jenni Borg, Head of Smart and Integrated Ticketing, Department for Transport (UK)
13:10 Reaching national and international interoperability in mTicketing
• What do we want from interoperability? And is it important?
• Who are the key stakeholders
• Building an interoperable ticketing system across Europe
• How can we turn international interoperability from a vision into a realty
Matthew Hudson Head of Business Development Transport for London
Nigel Eggleton, Director of Sales and Marketing Veolia Transdev
13:30 Networking Lunch Break

NFC Payments – Main Track… Continued…

NFC Implementation/Rollout

14:30 Winning Strategies in Mobile Financial Services
• Developing your mobile financial services strategy
• Planning, piloting, and roll out
• Business case considerations
Samee Zafar, Senior Consultant
14:50 Mobile NFC Rollout
• Roadmap in mature TELECOM markets ?
• Who will be the leaders ?
• Which techno and business models will succeed ?
Jean Marie Letort, Senior Consultant Greenwich Consulting France
15:10 MiddleEast first NFC trials…
NFC Rollouts in Middle East
• Lessons from Du EITC’s pilot at Jumeirah Beach
• Du EITC’s Preparation for the Cashless future in U.A.E
• What’s the scope of NFC in MENA region
Pankaj Jain Payments Manager – Marketing
(Du is UAE’s leading telecom operator which conducted NFC Trials at The Walk, the 1.7 km
beachfront shopping promenade located within the Jumeirah Beach )
15:30 Coffee Break
15:45 Success factors for Commercial NFC rollouts
• Components and solutions for NFC mobile rollouts
• Mobile Payments Market overview
• Successful Commercial Rollouts of NFC Payments

James Davlouros
Vice President – Mobile Business Development, MasterCard Europe

16:10 What is the growth potential in developed vs. emerging markets?
• What differences do you need to consider when it comes to business models, security and building trust?
• Deploying NFC capable POS Devices: what will work / what won’t in each type of market
• Adoption Accelerators: What are they for each type of market?
• Case studies to highlight the differences between these markets
Aleeda Fazal Senior Consultant Paradigm Solutions (Swiss)
16:30 NFC Commercial Rollout for mass customer adoption
• Mass NFC adoption in Europe – What’s holding us back?
• How do we overcome NFC Implementation Challenges?
• Close look at NFC Commercial Roll Outs in Europe
• How do we manage NFC Rollout Process?

Samee Zafar,Senior Consultant, EDC
Pankaj Jain, Payments Manager, Du EITC (U.A.E.)
James Davlouros, VP– Mobile Business Development, MasterCard Europe
Jean Marie Letort, Consultant, MerchantProcessor.com<
Aleeda Fazal, Consultant Paradigm Solutions

Secure Element Management

16:50 How to minimize fraud risk in NFC payment transactions
• Choosing the right SEs to build your service package
• Stickers, secure microSD cards, (UICCs), embedded SEs, TEE
• Removable SEs & Non-removable SEs
• Apple’s ‘SIM within’ secure element technology
• Global acceptance and standardization of an SE
• Bridging technology.
17:10 Looking into the crystal ball
• Future Markets, challenges & innovative uses of NFC
• Explore newer opportunities for revenue generation
• Monetize from NFCs – winning apps
17:20 Chair’s Closing Remarks
Samee Zafar, Senior Consultant, EDC
    • NFCP Agenda

      NFCP Agenda
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
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      Sponsorship Brochure
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
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  • Speakers from

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    • Clintons
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    • ETSI Blanco
    • Telecom Italia Rete Mobile
    • BNY Mellon
    • CHYP
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