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RFID360 Wins the ‘NFCP Next Big Thing Contest’

25 March 2013.

Last week ‘2nd Annual NFCP Global Summit’ was successfully held in London. The three days event featured a Live Demo Contest called ‘NFCP Next Big thing’. Here several innovative companies demonstrated their latest products using the power of NFC/Contactless technologies. An Italian based firm RFID360 Srl (which specializes in RFID, NFC and RTLS systems) convincingly won this contest by Live demonstrating its SMMS solution, a maintenance management system using RFID tags and NFC smartphones.

Vittorio Ricci, CEO of RFID360 SRL said “Malpensa Airport (Milan) is currently the only airport in the world to use this service”

Dr. Stefano Dolci who is currently the Senior Project Leader, Malpensa- Aeroporti di Milano also co-presented at this conference (inside ‘NFC Transport’ Industry Stream)

Conference Website: www.nfppglobal.com
Download the Program of the Conference:

Contact at Kinfos Events (Organizers of the event):
Rish Garg +44 20 70 78 76 51

More info about the RFID360 Demo
During the contest, RFID360 demonstrated how easy it is to work with the help of NFC.

The SMMS solution allows you to track maintenance activities, using NFC smartphones.

All recognition procedures are based on NFC.
For example, touching an NFC tag, you can:

1) Install SMMS App on your smartphone
2) Enable the license to use
3) Enable a new user
4) Enable the identification card of a user
5) Log into the application
6) Add a new plant and combine it with NFC tags
7) Recognize equipment and fill out the checklist of work
8) Add technicians to work team
9) Close the control activities on a plant
10) Certifying the execution time of maintenance.

During the contest RFID360 demonstrate in a couple of minutes how:

1) Log into the system by reading the NFC card user
2) Open a new request for assistance (ticketing), reading the tag system
3) Provide a photo to the system to maintain and send it to the server in real time
4) Send the ticket to the server in real time and alert the control room to activate the airport maintenance procedures

The contest demo was carried out using a smartphone Google Nexus and the actual SMMS system installed and running in Milan Malpensa Airport, which is currently the first airport in the world using a NFC enabled maintenance system (SMMS).


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