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Executive Workshop

The NFCP Executive workshop is especially designed to help you define the right NFC business model, whilst maintaining careful regulatory practices. This workshop will help you understand why it’s important to enter NFC now. How much is the market worth, how much you need to invest, what are the various stages, what are the realistic timelines, how to select your right partners.

This workshop will be highly interactive and involves featuring role-play exercises, round table discussions. Here delegates will be put into teams and set the task of developing a business plan that will be evaluated by team of Industry experts and and senior consultants. All banks, MNOs, Transport operators should attend this, especially if you are currently developing your new NFC strategy and finding a right business model that suits your needs and market.

Pre-Conference Executive Workshop – March 14th 2012

Developing a Successful NFC Business Model

Developing your business case for NFC Payments

  • Evaluating the market opportunity and key concerns when it comes to realizing your NFC strategy
  • How long does it take to roll out an NFC programme?
  • Analyzing the macro economic, cultural, competitive landscape and other differences, and trust in NFC technology

How NFC Payments can be a new revenue opportunity for Banks?

  • Why are banks so important in the NFC ecosystem?
  • Why should banks invest in NFC after all? (Real takeaways)
  • A look at various bank led business models
  • Analyse the examples of Banks that have travelled this path and succeeded

How to construct a robust and sustainable NFC infrastructure?

  • What are various elements and pre-requisites of NFC infrastructure?
  • How much to invest to create an NFC infrastructure in Developed markets v/s Emerging?
  • How to Incentivizing retailers/ merchants to integrate NFC terminals at the POS
  • What are the possible revenue sharing models and partnerships

How to build the roadmap for successful NFC payments deployment?

  • Understand Regulatory landscape
  • What are various NFC standards?
  • Allocating appropriate business partners
  • Choosing the right business model
    • NFCP Agenda

      NFCP Agenda
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
    • Sponsorship Brochure

      Sponsorship Brochure
      Where all the NFC Stakeholders Meet together.
  • Introducing NFC Next big thing Competition
  • Speakers from

    • ITSO
    • Veolia Transdev
    • Clintons
    • EMVCo
    • ETSI Blanco
    • Telecom Italia Rete Mobile
    • BNY Mellon
    • CHYP
    • Orange
    • EDC
    • European Payments Council
    • Greenwich
    • Bankinter
    • Logo
    • Santander
    • Telefonica
    • T-Mobile
    • Turk
    • Transport
    • La Caixa
    • DU

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